• “oh, it’s a cossak. gosh… oh, it’s a хуи́ло. gosh." {ts:mh}
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  • ✧ i gotta stay high all the time ✧
  • ✰ every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name ✰
  • ✰ ain't youth meant to be beautiful? ✰
  • ✰ we're the masters of our own fate ✰

  • i had a dream that we were dead but we pretended that we still lived
  • lovers left me to bleed alone
  • drinking ever deeper living water
  • Mythology Noir: i'll be your nightmare mirror

  • A Quiet Morning
  • Catch A Falling Star
  • At The Market
  • A Solitary Picnic

  • Magnus's Heir Plotting
  • I Know My Value, Anyone Else's Opinion Doesn't Really Matter
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  • Keep close, stand tall
  • If I told you I need you?

  • Roommates for SASP
  • Open the sky up, start a fire, I believe even if it is just a dream...
  • I've been reading books of old the legends and the myths.... I don't see myself in all of this
  • Are you ready for a perfect storm, cause once you're mine, there's no going back....

  • do you ever have a friend that just doesn't talk?
  • look me in the eyes and then set me on fire
  • before all i heard was silence
  • then cutting your hair was a total waste
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